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For weeks I been quiet. feeling that the America has lost their way.
Thursday, September 29, 2016 by rjn808

Readers. I was very opinionated in 2012-2015. I thought Americans were losing their way. Not understanding what the 1st Amendment really means. I was shot down for not being politically correct.

Accused of being racist, Bigot and a idiot.

None of these are true. I just say it in a language that people like myself understand.

Watching the debates. I felt a need to start back up. Seeing that smug woman lying and stealing our country.

I cannot sit anymore. I will beat up Trump also. But I come to like that loudmouth. I sit and think this- Funny? I talk the same way. I tell it like it is and if they don't like it. Then they have the issues.

So again. I'm back! I will tell it like it is. BLUNT!

So readers. My site is opened for members to join and post their own opinions. 

I'm fair. I even allow liberals to post.

If you choose to participate. just follow some rules....

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Opinionated American
Opinionated American
Not a Obama supporter. Damn sure not a Hillary supporter. I am an Opinionated American! I say and write how I feel. This site is opened to any....
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