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Yup! Bernie supporters got burned alright. Fried by the DNC.
Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by rjn808

I'm no Bernie fan. Damn sure not a Hillary fan either.

I support the nomination of Trump. I respect my fellow Americans choice. I do have some issues with Trump. However! they do not compare nowhere near the issues I have with crooked politicians that just wiped out Bernie Sanders.

Come on! Bernie is a socialist. He admitted this. ran with it. Got a movement going like Trump has. 

Ran a campaign honest as any politician has. 

DNC fried him. Demanding his supporters to follow Hillary.

LOL! Laughing at it. His supporters are not as dumb as we thought. Even smarter than a typical liberal.

Anyway. Reality is that Bernie Sanders supporters got BURNED alright.

Watched the DNC? Even Cruz had a better welcoming than those who spoke.

RNC may have been fighting. I seen it as a typical political mud slinging. Cruel yet fair considering. They did not try to hide it.

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Opinionated American
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