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Mark Kelly is the reason for us Arizonian paying more for energy. He votes YES on every social agenda that is put forth by the Democratic party and not the will of his moderate constituents.Supported the Faked bill called "Inflation Reduction Act" that turn out to be a pork bill for the "Green New Deal"Supported the voting act that would deny Arizonians the right to choose their candidates by allowing the federal government to decide who we can vote for.The ...

Losing America

I don't condone violence. However we do need to fight and take away the power from progressives. Their ideology is dangerous to American freedoms.

Inflation is a tax

Hypothetical: Progressive's are now out of collage and it is time for them to go to work. Only when they realize that all the BOO-HOOING they clamored for now applies to them. $20.00 for a gallon gas if you have a petroleum car OR $30.00 per kilowatt for a $150,000 electric car. However! Progressive out of school find themselves that they don't have a job or affordable income. To them, That's ok? they have government to hand them $$.But? The ...