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Trump Revenge Flag and My Support of Trump??.

Read a Email asking what my thoughts are about Donald Trump.Do I fly the Revenge flag?? No don't have to. Apache Junction Arizona is Trump territory. Flags and sticker everywhere. I just smile at the American attitude's here. My Thoughts?? Trump is a ego statistic, Loud mouth. But!!!!!!!!!!! I love the guy!!! To me Trump not a fake politician. Reminds me of many heroes that made this country great. YUP!! An American. Not afraid of the fight. Speaks his mind ...

Reports that Biden is blocking private flights

This site is not about Biden bashing. However he is in my OPINION is a anti America.Daily wire put out a news story that is pissing me off. We have fellow Americans and Allies trapped behind enemy lines and this BUFFOON Biden is hindering private rescues. It is a shame that current Democrats are either compliant or scared sh*tless. They need to go. We need men and women that can take charge. Until the wicked democratic ass-9's are gone? I ...

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Police Reimagined

To see A.F Branco's work and the rest of this. Visit his siteComically In Correct;