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Ab-bra Ka-dabra!  Magicians are Washington  Democrats!

This meme tells it all! Washington always distracts people.

From A V.P.  To A Possible  Prez?  Harris to  A  Has Been!

Watching the American, R.T and Australia news. Getting this feeling that Biden is done. Chatter has it Dems will pull the 25th on him to keep his weak-ass from getting impeached. This will promote Harris to POTUS. Will she do better?? Probably not. However! Unlike Biden. Harris does not suffer from being a feeble minded fool. So if Harris continues with the bad policies? She can get impeached. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that happens "Bat Shit Crazy" Pelosi. Hmm? A circus indeed. ...

Help Our Fellow Americans!

People who read this. As Americans WE need to put politics aside and to band together and HELP those in the mist of hurricane disaster. I suggest Using major search engines and find your nearest Red Cross or Organizer and do what you can. I have been.We are Americans! Let's ALL help. Thank you