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Were there Americans left behind?

Were there Americans left behind in Afghanistan? I say yes. Let us see what the President has to say first. If his administration did leave Americans in the hands of our enemy? This is a High Crime and Misdemeanor and I highly doubt they will tell you they have left Americans behind.No commander in U.S History ever has deliberately done so..So Congress? I as an American demand Biden and all involved to be tried and held responsible and/or jailed.NO EXUSES ...

Allies Distrust Biden

With the American failure to exit Afghanistan the right way has our Allies very upset. Countries like Australia, Europe, S. Korea to say the least. Their news reporting tells of a distrust with current Biden administration. Sad Really. We Americans need to put Politicians in charge that put America first and not party. Until than happens?? I believe if America gets into trouble? We are all alone in the fight.(Yes There are some grammar mistakes)

Love to Fish

Fishing allows me to keep calm when the world is spinning out of control.