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Inflation is a tax

Hypothetical: Progressive's are now out of collage and it is time for them to go to work. Only when they realize that all the BOO-HOOING they clamored for now applies to them. $20.00 for a gallon gas if you have a petroleum car OR $30.00 per kilowatt for a $150,000 electric car.
However! Progressive out of school find themselves that they don't have a job or affordable income. To them, That's ok? they have government to hand them $$.
But? The BILLIONAIRES LEFT THE COUNTRY. NO JOBS left. Therefore all the millions of American jobs are now available to Chinese, India, Mexico, Norway and Israel.
Hardly ant jobs left in America. Farmers can't plow fields, Lumber Industry can't mill and so on. Inflation will destroy America. That $$ will be useless other than Toilet Paper. To stop this confusion and out of control spending is to innovate and put leaders that are about Americans in charge and (You Guessed it) Make America Great Again.
Inflation is a tax


Written by: R.J
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