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Trump Revenge Flag and My Support of Trump??.

Read a Email asking what my thoughts are about Donald Trump.
Do I fly the Revenge flag?? No don't have to. Apache Junction Arizona is Trump territory. Flags and sticker everywhere. I just smile at the American attitude's here. My Thoughts?? Trump is a ego statistic, Loud mouth. But!!!!!!!!!!! I love the guy!!! To me Trump not a fake politician. Reminds me of many heroes that made this country great. YUP!! An American. Not afraid of the fight. Speaks his mind and gets the JOB DONE! Doesn't whimper off holding an ice-cream cone. Personally?? I do have some issues. That is with anyone. .As the "Revenge thing"? For me? Trump leading the revenge and bring back American glory where Biden screwed it up. The 2020 elections? Yes I believe it was rigged. My Opinion there. So? Do I support Trump? Yes. I support any man/woman that loves our country.
Trump Revenge Flag and My Support of Trump??.


Written by: R.J
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