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Trail of Tears ordered by  Andrew Jackson (Democrat)

Cherokee Nation has a lot of wonderful history to teach. I Respect the people (tribes) listed. I just want to acknowledge one of America's tragic events that happened under a Democratic leadership and Slave Owner Andrew Jackson who served as the seventh president of the United States from 1829 to 1837. This American will never forget and honor the bravery of the Cherokee Nations. The Trail of Tears was the forced relocation of over fifty thousand Indians. This included tribes ...

Biden the Tyrant accuses the unvaxxed of covid spread

Just A Thought?? 1.5 ILLEGAL immigrants enter the country. Over 1 million new reported cases of Covid. Not all from the illegals Aliens.Biden the Tyrant is using Bio Warfare on Americans (In My Opinion) with the open border issue.The Covid spread was declining before The Tyrant was inaugurated. Could it be that it can be the elite want population control and dominance???Anyways a thought. The facts are this however. over 1.5 million untested and unvaccinated immigrants are spreading just more ...

Gavin Newsom? Now viewed as a Corrupt politician

Granted I live in AZ. Why I post this opinion is that there are hundreds of Californians relocating here and other states like Texas. Business are leaving. California. Sure the Wealthy will leave soon as the 'Middle class' is gone and homeless whom cannot pay the tax. AOC has her way? Big Tech will pay billions on her 'Tax The Rich'. Then They to will relocate to Hawaii or perhaps China? Today Larry Elder may have lost the recall against ...