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Democrats always have had their heads up their asses. Because they think the rest of us Americans do to. Notice this found ballot B.S happens every election since Obama? Even before that when Al Gore lost his ass to the RINO W. Bush. NOW!! Here comes the 2022 elections. Congress and State legislation has YET added a time stamp and make it illegal to count any ballots received after the day after the election. Saying no more ballots can be ...


This meme makes absolutely no sense at the same time describes how pathetic this vaxx or no vaxx crap is. you decide.

I Remember Sept 9, 2001 well

9-11-2001 I was in New Jersey unloading steel at the Naval base when I heard the first boom. A worker said a plane hit the towers. I was shocked but not surprised considering how tall those buildings were. Wasn't till the second boom I thought WOW? The plane fuel exploded late. Not until the Naval M.P's came and ordered me to vacate the base and that we were under attack. I seen the Smoke from the Manhattan island and realized ...