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This is not a news site. It is an Opinionated website.
I Am A Opinionated American. An advocate of political philosophy. Free markets, Personal liberty and Small Government. Right, Wrong or Indifferent. I Say As I See It!
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Who I am?:
- (R.J Nielson) - Webmaster, Owner, Editor, writer
Opinions v.s misinformation:
-Opinions are a honest personal statement on a news fact, Life experience, and/or create a debate, rebuttal or comments on another opinion.
-Mis-Information or Dis-information is a deliberate distortion of facts/truth meant to mis-guide, re-educate or hide the facts/truths with a false statement.
Copyright use:
Opinionated American adheres to the 2007 and 2020 fair usage act.
"Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Fair use is a doctrine in United States copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship."

- We do not sell or request any monetary profits from known copyrighted work.
-Uses excerpts from news and social media for commentary, criticism, news reporting purposes
-Toon's, Photos & Memes are given acknowledgements to the Artist with their name and link to the original source. Unless obtained from a Royalty free resource.
-No Videos are stored on the server. Videos are shared through Youtube, Rumble and other video sharing sites.
Our Content:
Opinionated American is a P.G-13 site. Not recommended for viewers under the age of 13
Topics/Articles may contain the following:
-Warning content. Such as aggressive news shares that contain a "WARNING" label due to controversial content.
-Articles that have emotional properties
-Outdoor Fun and family Ideas
-Political news, comments, Toon's, Memes and mild aggressive language.
-An opinionated critic on any subject. (Example): Gaming, Other sites, social media, news, products, parks & recreation areas etc....

NOTICE!!!! This site WILL NOT display any nudes photos, porn video or sexual articles.
We are not so greedy that this site has to advertise bomb the visitors no matter what. We want to earn our readers trust in visiting and reading without being redirected to what some ads are called "Spam". We will advertise some. those ads will be scrutinized and must fit the site.
We will share linking soon. Comments were disabled because of comment spamming and people who are out to create a bad atmosphere.
In General if you need to contact us and want to advertise or link swap. A email page was activated.
I don't store Emails
- I don't store emails that are general questions on this server.
All emails are forwarded to my main accounts with Yahoo, Google and AOL.
If interested in adveritising or placeing a opinion? I will use those systems.
All site data is backed up constantly.

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